The need of a musical Band in the Community to help enliven and help celebrate the happy and festive occasions of and in the Community was felt for a long time. Prior to the formation of this Bank, the Community had to depend upon the Police and other Bands for providing music at Community functions and as the charges in this respect were heavy, the community on many of its happy and festive occasions had to do without music and the enlivenment which only music could provide. To remedy this state of affairs a move was sponsored in June 1927 to form a musical Band in the Community. The move was first made by Varas Hussain. T. Ramzan and supported by Late Pir Subzalibhoy Ramzanali and Varas Bundehalibhoy Kassim. To the call of these gentlemen 14 young men of Kharadar enthusiastically responded and the present Bank then known as H.H. The Aga Khan Scout Band came into being with Varas Hussein T. Ramzan as its first Captain and Alijah Husseinbhoy Varas Currim as its first Vice-Captain.

The first difficulty with the Band as of all organization newly formed was finance. Funds were sought to be collected by requests for donations from the leaders of the community,by arranging Cinema shows and by organizing private lotteries. As collections from these sources were not enough, the members themselves made such donations as were within their means and also individually regularly contributed fixed sums to the funds of the Band every month. Training was obtained at the hands of experienced Band instructors and in a short space of time the Band was ready to make appearance in public and give demonstration of its ability and skill. The Band first started with Bugles and Flutes and only after its financial position had bettered did its change to Bag-Pipes. 

Title given by
Imam Sultan Mohammad Shah
First Band of the Ismaili Community

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